Here are some reviews from clients.

“Awesome care and service from the lovely Becky. Wouldn’t want my three pooches to be walked by anyone else! Love the photo updates on Facebook! Very professional and very flexible. 😃”

Nicky (Beryl, Merlin & Jueves’ mum)

“I can highly recommend Becky. Very reliable and Ethel is confident with her which for a submissive Romanian rescue is praise indeed.“

Rebecca (Ethel’s mum)

“Becky is an experienced accomplished dog walker who I am more than happy to take my Jack Russell Seamus for walks. He really looks forward to his walks with Becky and will wait at the window when he knows she is comming. I look forward to seeing the picture of Seamus and his friends. We are lucky to have a dog walker of Beckys ability and I would highly recomend Becky to anyone who needs a dog walker”

Kieran (Seamus’ dad)

“I was so relieved to find out that Becky had a dog walking service and was able to come to my rescue when due to a broken hand I was unable to walk Teko. It’s so difficult to hand over responsibility to someone else especially as Teko was not used to being walked by anyone other than myself. Becky is such an experienced dog handler that I was happy knowing that he was in good hands. He is such a special boy and can be moody and unpredictable at times, but I could relax in the knowledge that he would be taken good care of. He loved his walks with Becky and it was great to see all the photos of their walks together. It was also a trying time for Teko as he had to have an ear operation during this time and had to wear the cone of shame! Becky was so sympathetic to his needs and was able to reassure me and offer me lots of advice on his condition. It was so nice to have someone of Becky’s great experience to call on. I would highly recommend Becky’s services and if for any reason I am incapacitated again I would not hesitate to to call on her again. Many Thanks Becky and all the best with your business.“

Janine (Teko’s mum)

“Becky is one of very few people that I am happy to walk my adorable, loving, rather crazy, excitable and anxious 5-year old rescue mixed breed Molly. Molly had a bad start in life and although she has settled in she can quickly change from being calm at home to being very excitable at people and things she no longer sees as a threat, to being anxious and unpredictably reactive to anything she is unsure of when out on a walk. Molly LOVES Becky and happily goes out with her. Becky’s calm, positive and supportive approach is perfect and enables Molly to thoroughly enjoy outings with her. My other dog, Willow, is a 2-year old mixed breed who is an easy going youngster. Willow loves to go out with Becky and her own dogs, she loves to charge around off lead with Lily and I do believe she is actually in love with Dill!“

Sue (Molly & Willow’s mum)

“The most amazing dog Walker. Becky has been brilliant with Sako who can be highly strung. We love seeing the Facebook updates too. we wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Sarah (Sako’s mum)

“I would 100% recommend Becky. I was so nervous at first as my two labs can be a handful however this did not faze Becky and the girls love her! She is flexible with days/times to suit you and I love seeing the photos on Facebook that she posts after their walks. Becky is also extremely reasonable with her pricing.”

Libby (Joules & Zola’s mum)

“I would 100% recommend Becky to anyone! Since she started with our 2 pups they’ve been absolutely amazing with us as well! Not only a great dog walker but training them has been a blessing as we struggled to control the pulling!”

Daniel (Joules & Zola’s dad)

“Dynamic dogs have been walking my dogs for over a year now. I have 2 dogs who can both be challenging at times, I have Bella who is a large ridgeback/ bloodhound cross and Lola a very headstrong staff. I started having the dogs walked by Becky when my husband wasn’t able to get them out and I was working long days. It provides me with peace of mind when am at work, that the dogs are walked and checked on during the day. Both dogs really look forward to there walks, they recognise the sound of Becky’ s car and get very excited about their walk. Bella is more of a plodder, she’s allowed the freedom of off lead walk when in quite areas, bell as not to keen on meeting other dogs at time and get vocal, Becky is able to judge walk times and routes to allow Bella to have the fun of off lead walks but also uses long lead etc if the environment or bella’s mood suggest a lead is the safest option. Lola well she’s another thing entirely. Lola is a very headstrong 11 month old staffy, I do call her my little delinquent. Becky has persevered with her to get her walking better on the short and long lead. She has also done training when walks haven’t been suitable due to being in season or following her recent operation. Lola is extremely challenging but Becky has persevered where I think many would of given up, including me at times. Becky is flexible and fitted in more or less walks in as required. She always informs me if the dogs are unwell etc or things like house gates being left open, things I may not of noticed. Becky posts pictures of the dogs on there walks which I like to see, I get progress reports or messages with any concerns. Without the services of dynamic dogs I would of struggled to keep the girls as my work does involve long days where the dogs would be left alone. Am very happy to recommend Becky and her dog walking service.“

Sharon (Bella & Lola’s mum)

“Becky is fantastic with my crazy spaniels, she is friendly, reliable, great with the dogs. I would recommend dynamic dogs to anyone!”

Rachel (Max & Riley’s mum)