_MG_6189For some dogs a walk is too much, it might be too hot or they might be too ill or elderly. Well we can help here as well!

We will do house visits with your dogs, these visits will be tailored to your dogs. If you have a young dog but it’s too hot outside for a walk then we could get a paddling pool out or do some scent games inside where it is nice and cool. We will find a way to keep your dogs brain nice and active even if it for some reason they can’t be physically active.

Did you know that training and brain games are more exhausting then walking? That’s why we will always give your dog something to do while breaking up their day. It gives them a nice break in their day where they can really use their brain and have a good time while being safe inside your own home. All visits will be planned with you beforehand.

We can offer up to 2 hours for house visits so your dogs get a good break if you are having a long day out. These can be broken up into two one hour visits and will be arranged prior to the visit.

For prices check out the prices page!