Lily with foster dog Chip

So as I have posted on the Facebook page we have a new puppy. This now means we have 3 dogs! Crazy? Quite possibly but it is something we did plan for and were prepared for. However it doesn’t mean that it is easy. We now have 3 dogs under 5 years old and all needing time and training. It’s not easy, it is time consuming but it is incredibly rewarding.

We are quite lucky that our older dogs are used to dogs coming in and out the house. I have been fostering dogs since before I got Lily and so having new strange dogs come in is something that they are quite used to, however with each dog we do have a routine to introduce them all and so far, it has worked with no issues.

I thought writing this might give some ideas over a few blogs on whether its worth introducing another dog and if so how to.

So first off…

Should you get another dog?

What is your dog like out and about? Are they friendly with other dogs? Try to avoid them? Bark at them? What are the like on walks with dogs they haven’t met before? Have you ever had another dog in your house and if so how did your dog deal with it?

Just because your dog likes to play with dogs outside does not mean that your dog will want to share their personal space with another dog. We had this with a foster dog we took in, he was great with other dogs, loved playing with them but did not want to live with them at all so in the end he went to a different foster home where he was the only dog.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in the idea of having another dog or getting another puppy. Dogs are great, they really fulfill our lives and due to this it is very easy to think getting another one will be worth it!

Mozi, our pup

So… along with everything else above, here are some more things to think about.

Double the dirt.

Double the hair.

Double the mud.

Double the food.

Double the vet bills.

Double the insurance.

Double a lot of things!

So has any of this put you off yet? If not maybe you are ready for another dog, in which case my next blog will be about where to get one. A lot of this is a thought process that we went through before getting Mozi pup, and as we have done so recently I figured it was worth sharing!


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