River withamAs it is getting hot at the moment we like to seek out walks that are near water to cool the dogs off, so I want to share with you our walk alongside the River Witham. The walk is alongside the river and the Water Rail Way cycle track, so there are bikes, even more on nice days! We started by Kirkstead Bridge and walked north towards Lincoln, you can walk south but the path is on a road without a pavement so it’s not quite as enjoyable for the dogs as they have to be on lead the whole time.

Starting the walk at the bridge meant the dogs had to start the walk on lead as there are sheep near by but once past them we didn’t see any issues with letting the dogs off. Dill was on his long line because all the young birds around at the moment are just too tempting for him!

River WithamThe walk starts on tarmac, which is the bike route but you can get right up onto the bank. Be aware that there are loads and loads of stinging nettles growing and they did sting our dogs paws. It didn’t stop them enjoying the walk but it was obviously uncomfortable for them so, we will wait for them to grow up a bit more before walking there again. The stinging nettles appear to be problematic when they are tiny and growing. However you can just walk alongside the cycle path and there are no stinging nettles there!

As you walk along the bank there are several points that the dogs can get in the river witham without too many issues. Dogs that haven’t been in the water or aren’t used to the tricky water entries might not be so keen and with the current in the river they would need to be strong swimmers!

If your dog is a strong swimmer then they will love the cool waters of the river!

River WithamWe spent a lot of time working on the dogs water retrieves and used the tricky water entries to do some training with the dogs. They were great and we were super proud of them!

The dogs loved a good swim but it did seem that the stinging nettles were worse on their wet paws, so we walked back along the cycle path instead so that they didn’t have to walk on them. We were lucky in that we didn’t see very many people so the dogs were free to roam about.

We really enjoyed the walk, it meant the dogs got to have a good run, a good swim and it is a beautiful walk for us to enjoy as well! Can’t complain with that! Also as you walk along there are a few different sculptures that are amazing! They are so detailed! Lily wasn’t too keen on the sheep, she thought they were a bit scary!

I would recommend this walk, obviously be careful with the stinging nettles and if you want your dog to swim in the river then be careful with that too! Hope you enjoy your walk!

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