Drying CoatsSo it is getting to that time of year when it rains a lot, the dogs are wet, they get muddy, they get stinky and the idea of putting them back in the car is not appealing at all!

We understand this completely!

Dill is a pain when it comes to going on walks and getting him in a right mess, so we know full well how annoying it can be when it comes to having to put that dog back in the car to get home, or even if you walk them home, you don’t want that in your house!

So we looked at getting the dogs a drying coat. Lily had an Equafleece tankie when she was a pup and when Dill was a pup he also had one. They cover the belly, which is really good but we also needed something that covered their main muscles for after exercise so they didn’t cool too quickly and the equafleece just didn’t meet out needs.

Before I go on to our favourites in the world of drying coats and why I really think people should look into them, its worth explaining that there are a lot of people who make drying coats. If you want a nice cheaper one then we would suggest looking at Elkemutt Drying Coats. They are friends of ours and make some lovely coats 🙂

So why would you want one?

Well, you see that picture of Dill at the top there, well, when we put his coat on him he looks like that, by the time we are home, he is dry – Might not be clean but he is dry which makes it much easier to get him up to the bath! He now has two coats, one for the mud covered dog and one for the after bath!

_MG_3377The best thing about these coats is that the dogs clearly enjoy curling up in them. When we go to our canicross races over the winter, which means some very cold nights in the caravan, both dogs sleep in their coats. Lily comes running for hers to be put on – she loves it!

So it drys the dog and keeps them warm.

Whats the down side?

Well there isn’t!

Our coats are from Freckles Designs they are not the cheapest, not by any means but their quality is something we haven’t found with others.

Dill had their underbelly coat first unfortunately, we got it for him whilst he was a pup and still growing and he never actually grew into it! So that is now his mud-coat! The new one is in the picture above, both Dill and Lily now have the ultimate drying coat. It does up around the tail so that it stops the coat from falling off side ways, something we found happened with the underbelly coat but then Dill rolls around in it a lot, so its possible it doesn’t just ‘fall off’ for other dogs. The ultimate covers all the main muscles, keeps them nice and warm. It also does up around the neck and covers the chest and underbelly.

_MG_3393So if you have a dog a bit like Dill that wants to roll around in mud or if you have a dog that isn’t keen on being wet and gets cold. Putting this on when you get home can save you a lot of time trying to towel down the dog that doesn’t want to stay still!

We love the drying coats – if you haven’t guessed!

So our opinion is that you really look at getting your dog one. They are amazing for the working dogs, keeping them warm and dry between work and they are perfect for the pet dogs.

You know you want to your spoil your dog too! 😀




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