I am Becky and have been working with dogs in a variety of ways for the over ten years. Most of my experience came from working alongside rescues. I spent a good year and a half walking dogs two days a week at a rescue, this then developed into taking dogs on day trips away from the kennel environment. I was then employed by the rescue to cover the end of maternity cover, which ended as I moved up to Lincolnshire for university.

I have a BSc Animal Behaviour & Welfare degree (2,1) from the University of Lincoln. Previous to Lincoln I achieved a foundation degree (merit) in animal science through the University of Brighton.

Since moving to Lincoln I have worked alongside the University assisting at Puppy School, Life Skills for Puppies and also Pet Potential puppy classes. I have also worked at Jerry Green Dog Rescue. Alongside the last year of my degree I also assisted on a research project at the University, training dogs to categorise odours. Since finishing uni I started up Dynamic Dogs allowing me to help you with your dog, whether that is through training or walking/checking in on your dog whilst you are at work.

I also keep my knowledge up to date by going to various seminars, this allows me to help you with your dog with the most up to date scientific methods. All our training is science based, using rewards to help your dog want to work with you. We have also been stooges on the IMDT 4-dayer training course, using our dogs to challenge people wanting to get into dog training.

These are some of the courses I have attended:

Management of Actual or Potential Aggression – provided by Positive Option

An Exploration into the symptoms and treatment of Canine, Anxiety, Fear and Phobia – Canine Studies College

Microchip Implant Training Certificate – AVID

Predatory Chase Control & Dogs That Bite and Fight – David Ryan through Wheelgates Canine

The evolved primal emotional feelings of animal brains and animal minds: clinical and therapeutic – Jaak Panksepp through Oxford Animal Behaviour Clinic

Understanding the Canine Athlete, covering canine structure (musculoskeletal system), locomotion & gait analysis, fitness (strength & conditioning), injuries & rehabilitation, nutrition in performance dogsĀ  – Dr Christine Zink through the University of Lincoln

We have our own dogs; Lily a 7 year old spaniel mix, Dill a 6 year old Large Munsterlander and Mozi a 3 year old greyster (purpose bred sleddog) and Raven a 2 year old Large Munsterlander. They have always needed a creative mind within their own training and we take part in many canine sports with them including agility, gundog work, canicross, bikejor and previously competitive obedience. We like to keep our dogs busy! It allows me to work with a range of different trainers and are always learning too!

I am fully insured to do both dog training and dog walking, the certificate can be seen on request.

If you are interested in professional photos of your dogs, I also run a photography business called Hound and About Photography.